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Looking to volunteer? Great! 

Bicycle Refurbishing Event Volunteers Needed

Now that we have tons of bicycles, they need to be fixed up!  We have several refurbishing events  over the next few months.  Whether you want to volunteer as an individual or your group wants to volunteer together, select one or more shifts from the roles you qualify for below:


1. Mechanic: Experienced mechanics will be working with the escalated adjustment such as installing new components e.g. cables, derailleurs, chains, brake pads, wheel trues, bottom bracket adjustments. If you have experience with bikes let us know in advance.

Mechanic Sign-Up

2. Prepper:  Ensure we go over a bike safety process, Checking handlebar position, headset adjustment, standard gear adjustment, standard brake adjustment, pedal check, and checking for any loose bolts around the frame.

Prepper Sign-Up

3. Recorder – They will be in charge of filling out our inventory form to ensure we keep track of bikes in our inventory system.

Recorder/Inventory Sign-Up

4. Bicycle Mover – Assist with loading and unloading bikes from various warehouses to the refurbishment location.

Bicycle Mover Sign-Up


Please note:  When volunteer opportunities are available, our registration system requires you to register for each shift.


Workplace/Employee/School Volunteering

Does your workplace offer employee volunteer days? Does your school offer group volunteering options for students? Free Bikes 4 Kidz can arrange special volunteering opportunities for area businesses, schools, and organizations during the weekday or weekends. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator


If you have general questions about volunteering please email

Helpful Info for Volunteers…

How To Triage a Bike